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The results for the event at Nutts Corner on the 22nd of November are available, just click on Results to view.

Updated 22 November 2015

Winter Championship - Round 2 - Sunday 22nd November

Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre

The last event on our calendar which was the second round of the RSA 2015/16 Winter Championship and the first round of the new Nutts Corner Winter Championship 2015/16, took place on Sunday the 22nd of November at The Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre. 

We had perfect winter racing weather and slicks were on the menu. There was an entry of 85 first class cars with top class drivers and with the best five of seven great stages were to score. The competition was fierce and there was one or two totally unexpected winners....a great RSA day.... roll on Christmas!

Congratulations to all our class winners: William Graham (1), Garth Neill (3), Stephen Smith (4), David Christie (5), Barry Morris (6), Seamus McDaid (8), Chris Quinn (9) & Terry McKay (10).

Special congratulations go to the overall rallycar winner, Stephen Smith in his phenomenal Mini and also to Terry McKay in his Xtrem Buggy who was 'top of the time sheets' and took home the fastest driver of the day award.

The results are now available to down load just click on the 'Results' link on the left of this page

We have decided to cancel the event planned for Aghadowey on the 5th December in favour of our 'Christmas Cracker' event on the 27th December which will be now be round three in this years winter championship. We will be developing a Christmas and New Year theme to this rally sprint so we hope you will get involved and enjoy the craic with the RSA on the run in to 2016. Additional details will be released here on the approach to this event

Entries are now available!     

The entry list will be 'first' published on Wednesday the 23rd December.

Just click the 'Enter Online' link to enter by email or alternatively place your entry by phone or text, 9am - 9pm on (+ 44) 07788 598461 and pay the entry fee at reception on the day. If you don't get an immediate 'live' answer just leave a brief message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

It is very important to have the entry list prepared prior to the event day to prepare scrutiny lists and other details and to confirm that we have enough entries for a viable event. We also need to avoid unnecessary start delays especially in the winter months so if you do intend to compete please contact us either by phone, text, Facebook or email with your entry details.

The entrance gate to Nutts Corner will be open from 7.30 and signing on and scrutiny will commence at 8.00 in the Clubhouse building . The drivers briefing will take place at 10.00 with noise testing and the sighting lap immediately after with the first of seven stages scheduled to start at 11.00

Please note the engines must not be started before 10.00 under any circumstances and scrutiny will take place at the competitors service area. It is each competitors responsibility to ensure that their car has been scrutineered before lining up in the laned zone of the paddock.


News & Information

The Future Development of Class 1 & 2

The availability of Vauxhall Nova and Corsa B cars and components has seriously dried up in recent years therefore it is necessary to integrate an alternative car to into the class and commence a rebuild of the junior class 1 and the class 2 adult series. This concept has proved to be fundamental since 2002 to the early talent development of several of the recent past and current leading national and international Irish Rally drivers and we would like this to continue.

After some careful consideration we have decided to introduce the Ford Fiesta built exactly to MSA and MI regulations (with a few exceptions tba) as raced in the Kirkistown and Mondello race series' in 2015. We believe this gives a cost effective way to acquire used cars at a reasonable cost which are basically 'ready built' and with the addition of a passenger seat and harness fitted, they are ready-for-use with the RSA. It would appear that they have a similar performance to the current RSA specification Corsa's and Novas in both classes so the integration should be relatively straight forward. If we discover any significant motor or other performance imbalance during the first series, measures will be taken immediately to ensure an even 'playing field' for all class competitors. The current Nova/Corsa regulations still apply and random scrutineering will be undertaken to ensure compliance with the regulations for all types of cars. The 2015 Fiesta regulations can be found in the Motorsport Ireland website and we will have the specific regulation details available here soon. We want this new development to be a positive one for all class competitors so we intend to keep in close contact with all the interested parties. An opportunity immediately after the drivers briefing and after the prize giving at each event will be available to discuss any issue as the classes rebuild.

Tyre choice for all will be as is currently specified for Class 1 & 2.


The Development of the Buggy racing formula.

We recognise that the development of The Race Buggy as an alternative competition machine in motorsport in Ireland and greater Europe in the last few years has been quite phenomenal.

At the start of the 2015 Summer Championship we gave the Race Buggy's their own specific class   On review we have decided to further divide this formula into three separate classes defined by original engine capacity and we have created two new classes, 10 and 11 .

Class 9 is now for original engine capacity known as 600cc

Class 10 is now for original engine capacity known as 750cc

Class 11 is now for original engine capacity known as 1000cc

We are aware that 'big bore' kits are available for some engine types in these categories however to police the exact cylinder capacity of competitors engines would involve engine strip downs and rebuilds which in reality would make what is a clubman sport very expensive. We realise this is not practical at present so therefore for this series we will require each competitor in these classes to declare their exact engine capacity on their entry form. This initiative is intended to keep the class scrutiny costs practical and we can analyse the performance advantage offered by 'big bore kits' for the future however If this does not prove to be successful we will review the issue again.


After further consideration and a better understanding of the life and performance verses cost of the Avon tyre we have decided to revert back to our original 2015 regulations and to have an open policy in relation to tyre size, type and compound. Tyre issues will continue to be reviewed on an 'on going basis' in competitors interests as the Buggy formula and classes continue to evolve.  __________________________________________________________


Sat 7th November Aghadowey

Sun 22nd November Nutts Corner 

Sun 27th December Nutts Corner  

Sat 9th January Aghadowey

Sun 24th January Nutts Corner  

Sat 6th February - Mondello (Irish Open) 

Sun 21st February Nutts Corner 

Sat 13th March Aghadowey (Prizegiving) 

This winter we will have two additional separate track championships, one at Nutts Corner and one at Aghadowey. All rounds at each venue will count towards that specific track championship. The RSA Winter Championship will be determined by the best three results at both venues.


Specific Event Information events at Nutts Corner

The gates to the circuit will be open from 7.30am and it is advisable to arrive at the track by latest 8.30am to organize service parking and parking for your trailer which may be in a remote area separate from the main service area due to space limitations. If unexpected delays with your arrival occur please do not worry but it is advisable to phone our event number 07788 598461 so we can organize exceptional paddock access and delayed sign on and scrutiny. 

Scrutineering excluding noise testing (see detail below) will commence at 8.15am in the service area behind the main building individually at each competitors service area. The drivers briefing is scheduled for 10.00am with noise testing and the observation lap to commence immediately after. Signing on will take place in the Circuit Clubhouse from 8.00am and number plates will be provided. It is advisable to bring adhesive (duct tape) to attach the plates to your car. All competitors will be required to complete an entry form at signing on (excluding those entries completed and paid on line)

The event will be held over seven timed runs through the day with competitors best five counting towards their score. A trophy presentation for First, Second and Third place in the classes will take place in the Clubhouse  shortly after the last stage has been completed and the fastest overall driver from all classes (except class 7, 9, 10 & 11) will receive The Overall Winners Award  and there will be an additional award for the fastest overall time of the day.    

The latest edition of the on line entry list will be available during the week before the event and for additional information phone 07788 598461.

Additional information for Nutts Corner Events

Please be aware that all competition cars must pass a mandatory noise test at scrutineering and may be subject to random testing throughout the event with on track meters. Any car which is found to be over the permitted noise limit of 105dba at 3500 - 4000 rpm (5000 - 5500 rpm for race buggys) WILL be disqualified from the session and not allowed to compete until satisfactory repairs have been completed. Particular attention will be given to turbocharged and motorcycle engined cars and anti lag systems are strictly forbidden at this venue. Please be advised that entry fee refunds or 'carry-overs' will not be issued to competitors where their car has failed a noise test during this event. Iphone users can download an appropriate app to measure noise with phones so testing and modifications should be carried out before presentation of cars at scrutiny to avoid any disappointment.   

Signing On and Scrutineering will be available from 8.15am in the morning and the drivers briefing will take place at 10.00am. Late arrivals will be accommodated but may be penalised with reduced stage runs. 


Special Information for Nova/Corsa Challenge Cars - Class 1 & 2

Class 1 and Class 2 competitors are advised that we will be conducting detailed random scrutiny at every event from now on to enforce compliance of the class regulations as of October 2012, details of which are available by selecting the appropriate button on the left side of the homepage.

Several championships have now passed since the regulations were updated as a result of competitor requests and we will enforce these regulations in full. We expect serious competitors to comply with these regulations and be advised that we will not permit any non compliant car to compete in either class 1 or 2 until we are satisfied that it concurs to the class regulations.

It is in competitors interest to ensure that cars conform to the RSA regulations and the appropriate bolts are drilled ready for mandatory sealing. Any car found to be unsuitable or unprepared for sealing to comply for the regulations for class 1 or 2 will not be permitted to run in the challenge classes but will be allowed to compete in class 3. 


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