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Updated 25 May 2016



Results for Summer Championship Round Two at Tynagh on Sunday 22nd May are available, just click on Results to view.




BT65 5HU

The next event on our calendar is next Saturday the 28th May at our original Bluestone venue and Entries are still available so please enter on-line, through Facebook, by email and by phone or text on our direct entry number:

+ 44 (0) 7788 598461

The first edition of the entry list will be available this Wednesday

 and for details just follow the link on the left side of this page

This is an additional event in our Summer Calendar to give the 'old hands' and the newer RSA competitors an opportunity to experience the fun and difference of rallying on a different surface. The RSA was created at Bluestone 20 years ago in 1996 with the first ever rally kart circuit in Ireland and many of the current front runners in Irish Rallying got there first taste of Rally Sport as children on the special shale track in 1200 Nova's there. It has been developed and extended many times since those early days and we will have our 'Silver Anniversary' 20 year birthday party rally event at the venue on Saturday the 28th May.

For this event we have decided that gravel rally tyres are not permitted in any class as we want to control costs for our regular competitors as this is a 'one off test' event on a different surface from what we normally use. We have also agreed with the current proprietors at Bluestone to limit the potential track damage as they were concerned about the consequences of running a 2016 'style' RSA event and we would like the to retain the opportunity of future meetings here. We recommend an open tread 'mud and snow' type 'E marked' tyre, any road tyre or an open treaded remould tyre as the bluestone track is quite abrasive and tyre wear is considerable in dry conditions. Classes 9,10 & 11 can use their regular tyres, but gravel rally tyres are not permitted.

 It is forecast to be dry so we will be watering the track during the event to control dust which will create periodic adhesion differences so we hope our competitors limit the amount of money spent on tyres for this trial event.

 'On-line Entries' and all other entering options are now available.

Phone/Text to: (0044) 7788 598461              __________________________________________________________________________       


Win a free Entry - To qualify - Just Enter on Time!

Any competitor who enters before the Wednesday evening preceding any of our events and competes on the day will now be put into a draw to win a free entry to the next calendar event or the next event at the same venue. This prize winner will be announced at the drivers briefing so remember all... 

'if you are not in you cannot win'!     

The first edition of the entry list will soon be available and can be viewed by selecting the the Entry List link on the left side of this page.

To enter just click the 'Enter Online' link to enter by email or alternatively place your entry by phone or text, 9am - 9pm on (+ 44) 07788 598461 and pay the entry fee at reception on the day. If you don't get an immediate 'live' answer just leave a brief message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

It is also very important to have the entry list prepared prior to the event day to prepare the scrutiny and noise test lists and other details including the new entry prize draw. We also like to avoid unnecessary start delays so if you do intend to compete please simply contact us either by phone, text, Facebook or email with your entry details.

 Entries will be taken by phone, text, email and on-line and then confirmed on the 'latest edition' of the Entry List when available to view.


RSA Summer Championship 2016

RSA Irish Tarmac Buggy Championship 2016

Round 3 - Sunday - 12th June  

Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre

'King of the Corner 2016'

The next event in the Summer Championship is on the Sunday the 12th June at Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre and Entries are now available so please enter on-line, through Facebook, by email and by phone or text on our direct entry number:

+ 44 (0) 7788 598461

This is the first ever RSA 'King of the Corner' event at Nutts Corner and we look forward to 'crowning our class and overall winners with additional prizes'

The first edition of the entry list will be available on late Wednesday the 8th June

 and for details just follow the link on the left side of this page


Latest News!

We are very pleased to announce that Nutts Corner Circuit and the Eastwood Family have at last won their legal battle against the two local councils in relation to noise complaints at the Nutts Corner Circuit.

It cost them over 300 000 in legal fees and costs and 7 years of family stress. This is a very important result for motorsport in the UK and Ireland and for RSA competitors this is great news for our on going enjoyment of this fantastic venue well into the future.


and a special personal thanks from Alan to all our competitors who cooperated with our strict requests for noise restraint at this venue - because we have won too!!



We have noticed for events during the last year that many competitors abuse our very cooperative entry methods and leave it to the last minute to enter which makes it extremely difficult for us to arrange for the commitment of all the support services required eg staff, time keepers, ambulance and catering.

We cancelled an event in January 2016 for this reason!

We naturally need to be sure that our events are viable to run and that means having the minimum number of competitors taking part, so it is in everybody's interest that we have received All Entries  by the Wednesday preceding each event to prevent further cancellations.

Other organisers issue fines and even reject late entries which we want to avoid so it is in all competitors interest to cooperate with us by making that simple call or text well before the event day.

For Direct Entries phone/text: (00 44) 7788 598461


RSA Summer Championship 2016

RSA Irish Tarmac Buggy Championship 2016

Dates and Venues

Another exciting 'double' Summer Championship is here! We have events this summer at different venues around Ireland which started off at our old favourite, Aghadowey in Co Antrim on Saturday 16th April where many of the leading finishers at the 2016 Circuit of Ireland developed their skills in the Junior Classes.

We enjoyed the first of two visits to the superb venue at the Pallas Motorsport and Activity Centre in Tynagh just inside the Galway County border on May 22nd for round one of the Tynagh Championship. This week we are back home to Bluestone in Craigavon, Co Armagh on Saturday 28th May for a non championship event on the fantastic loose shale stages where the first RSA events were created.

Then on the 12th June we come back to the popular Nutts Corner Circuit for 'The King of the Corner' event which this year will also include additional awards for the winners.

The 'Irish Grand Prix 2016' is on Saturday 23rd July on the full international circuit at Mondello Park in Co Kildare which is always a special annual weekend for everyone.

Next venue on the calendar is around the challenging rally 'country estate' stages of The Moneyglass Estate in Co Antrim on Saturday the 13th August and then on the 10th September it is back to Aghadowey for championship round 5 and another alternative stage at this classic RSA venue.

Pallas Motorsport Centre is once again our host for the first of two 'Autumn' events in October and it will also be the final and round two of the 2016 Tynagh Championship.

Then three weeks later we are back to Aghadowey for our final round of the 2016 Summer Championship and prize giving just after in The Brown Trout Inn. The best ever Summer Championship of events are all lined up this year for us all! 

We have put in our greatest efforts to give our competitors the largest possible range of diverse venues and locations to enjoy a great summer of motorsport with the RSA and we are glad to confirm that we can still offer them all at our very competitive 'clubmen level' entry fees!

Entries are always equally welcome for just one event, a few events or for the full championship and casual and new competitors are always welcome.

Just keep in touch back here for the details.


New Class Structures

Since the formation of the RSA we have always tried to keep our class structure simplified as in the 'early days' we started with six classes and we found this suited our 'pool' of original competitors and it has worked pretty well over the years.  Over the last 16 years car performance has changed considerably and to maintain a fair class structure within the RSA in the future we feel that some relatively minor modifications to class organisation are now necessary to move forward with the current times.

Our research has discovered a basis for a class structure that we believe to be suitable for us which is commonly used throughout the UK in MSA regulated events at similar venues and events that are very similar to the RSA formula.

For the Summer Championship 2016 we will be using this structure on a trial basis. At the end of the championship we will invite an open forum for competitors to express their opinions on this alternative class structure prior to the 2016/17 RSA Winter Championship and we will move forward into the future from there.


 Class 1 - Cars up to and including 1250 cc (12 - 17 yrs) *

      Class 2 - Cars up to and including 1250 cc (18 Yrs +)

Class 3 - Cars over 1251cc up to and including 1400cc

Class 4 - Cars over 1401cc up to and including 1600cc

Class 5 - Cars over 1601cc up to and including 2000cc - 8 valve

Class 6 - Cars over 1601cc - with 16 and more valves and cars over 2001cc - 8 valve  

Class 7- Specials, (RX, Race & 'Other' non rally cars)

Class 8 - All Turbocharged/ Supercharged and 4 WD rally cars

Class 9 - Race Buggies - 600cc original engine capacity

Class 10 - Race Buggies - 750cc original engine capacity

Class 11 - Race Buggies - 1000cc original engine capacity

* Class 1 & 2 cars must be of types 10 years old and greater, be built to recognised (MSA/MI) rally car safety standards and be fitted with a homologated and stamped roll cage from an FIA approved manufacturer. Cars must use all standard components that were associated with the original build as it left the manufacturers factory. No form of tuning is permitted. The suspension may be up-graded to a competition specification however coil over units are prohibited. Comprehensive details will be available in due course but in the meantime for any clarification on build and eligible specification please contact the RSA on (+44) 07788 598461. (9am - 6pm phone, text 24 hr)      


The dates and venues for the



Sat 16 April Aghadowey 

 Sunday 22nd May Tynagh *

Saturday 28th May - Bluestone (non champs)

Sunday 12th June Nutts Corner (King of the Corner) 

 Saturday 23rd July  Mondello (IGP)

 Saturday 13th August Moneyglass  

 Saturday 10th September Aghadowey

Sunday 2nd October - Tynagh *

Saturday 22nd October Aghadowey

(Prize giving in The Brown Trout Country Inn)

* Both the rounds at Tynagh will also form The 2016 RSA Tynagh Championship.  

The best six rounds excluding the IGP & Bluestone events will count towards Summer Championship honours

 The next NI Winter Series will start in November 2016.


Specific Event Information events at Nutts Corner

The gates to the circuit will be open from 7.30am and it is advisable to arrive at the track by latest 8.30am to organize service parking and parking for your trailer which may be in a remote area separate from the main service area due to space limitations. If unexpected delays with your arrival occur please do not worry but it is advisable to phone our event number 07788 598461 so we can organize exceptional paddock access and delayed sign on and scrutiny. 

Scrutineering excluding noise testing (see detail below) will commence at 8.15am in the service area behind the main building individually at each competitors service area. The drivers briefing is scheduled for 10.00am with noise testing and the observation lap to commence immediately after. Signing on will take place in the Circuit Clubhouse from 8.00am and number plates will be provided. It is advisable to bring adhesive (duct tape) to attach the plates to your car. All competitors will be required to complete an entry form at signing on (excluding those entries completed and paid on line)

The event will be held over seven timed runs through the day with competitors best five counting towards their score. A trophy presentation for First, Second and Third place in the classes will take place in the Clubhouse  shortly after the last stage has been completed and the fastest overall driver from all classes (except class 7, 9, 10 & 11) will receive The Overall Winners Award  and there will be an additional award for the fastest overall time of the day.    

The latest edition of the on line entry list will be available during the week before the event and for additional information phone 07788 598461.


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