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The results for  Round Four of the 2015 Summer Championship  are now available, just click on 'Results' to view.  

Updated 05 July 2015


2015 Summer Championship - Round 5   

The fifth round in this years Summer Series will take place at the  Aghadowey Motorsport Centre in Co Antrim on Saturday the 18th July and entries are now available .

Just click the 'Enter Online' link to enter by email or alternatively place your entry by phone or text, 9am - 9pm on (+ 44) 07788 598461 and pay the entry fee at reception on the day. If you don't get an immediate 'live' answer just leave a brief message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The first edition of the entry list will be available during week commencing Monday 13th July, just select the Entry List link on the left side of this page

It's the 2015 Irish Grand Prix on the 22nd August at Mondello Park and then we are back to Tynagh (just 40 minutes from Athlone) on the 20th September.....a great summer of mixed venue Rallysport in Ireland which we hope all our competitors will enjoy.   


Supplementary Event Information - Aghadowey 18th July.

Signing on will take place at the administration unit from 8.00am and scrutineering will also start at that time in the main pit area. All competitors and co drivers suits and helmets are also required at scrutiny so please have them available for inspection if requested.

All drivers must complete and sign an entry form which will be available at signing on. Race numbers will be allocated and the plates will be issued at signing on together with a stage record card for the event. All '900' numbers are only issued on a daily use basis so please do not assume this is your permanent number. If you wish to have a permanent number please make your request to the RSA administration staff before or during the event and it will be provided and registered to you for your next event with us in 2015. Please bring strong adhesive tape 'duct tape' with you to fix your number plate to your vehicle. Dual driven cars will use two different number plates so it is each competitors responsibility to ensure the appropriate number is displayed for the correct driver.

This event is also Round Five of the 2015 RSA Irish Race Buggy Tarmac Championship and the current points details can be reviewed and downloaded via the 'Results' link on the left side of this page . Registration for points for this championship is still available for all rounds and will close at the end of July and all competitors events will count for championship points including those before registration was actually made.

It is very important to us that we have an idea of the number of competitors that intend to take part prior to 'race day' in order to make our final set up preparations and plans so if you want to take part please make your entry as soon as possible and your entry fee can be paid on line or at signing on.

For your convenience entries can be made 24 hours a day and paid by credit and debit card on line through the 'Enter Online' link on the left side of this page. If you prefer you can phone on (048) 38 39 33 44  and phone or text on (00 44) 07788 598461. If you do not get an immediate answer please leave a clear message or text at this number with your driver and car details and the entry will be confirmed on the last on line version of the event entry list prior to the start of the event.  If you would like to discuss any matter please leave a clear message and you will receive our earliest possible reply.

The first edition of the entry will be published during week commencing 13th July

  To view, select the 'Entry List' link on the left side of this page.

The entry fee for this event is £85 however due to the current conversion with £ sterling and Euro exchange rates the entry fee if paid in Euro is now E125. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

 For more detailed information regarding any RSA events phone:

0044 7788 598461.



The 2015 RSA Irish Race Buggy Tarmac Championship.

The dates and venues are:

Sat 11th April – Aghadowey 

Sunday 3rd May – Nutts Corner 

 Sunday 31st May –Tynagh  

Saturday 27th June – Aghadowey 

 Saturday 18th July – Aghadowey 

Sat 22nd August – Mondello (IGP)  

 Sun 20th Sept – Tynagh, (40 minutes from Athlone)

Sunday 4th October – Nutts Corner 

Saturday 24th October - Aghadowey

***Latest Information - 1st June 2015***

After further consideration and a close analysis of the performance of the varying capacities of these machines (between 600 and 1000cc) and with consideration to the different venues we have in the championship calendar we have decided to have only one class for the first year of this Championship.

With this decision, engine tuning and over boring of engines is permitted and free but will be limited to the use of a maximum capacity of 1000cc production motorcycle original engine types.

Tyres are as currently permitted in 2015 for RSA/Motorsport Ireland regulations and the fuel type is free.

All machines must have a secure device fitted which can be opened from outside the cab, that prevents the drivers body parts becoming outside the cab structure in the event of a roll over. FIA approved harnesses must be 'in date', a minimum capacity 1 litre fire extinguisher must be fitted inside the cab and in the interests of driver safety, side protection 'nerf type' impact bars to prevent rear wheel frontal contact  with marker tyres and similar objects are mandatory .

Only 'Registered' competitors are eligible to earn championship points for this 2015 RSA Irish Race Buggy Tarmac Championship and registration can be made at a cost of £30 by the end of July. All registration fees in full will go towards the prize fund and trophies for the final championship awards and additional sponsored awards will also be presented.

The 2015 Race Buggy Champion will also qualify for free entries for the 2016 RSA Irish Championship worth an estimated £1000!

Non-registered drivers are still welcome to compete at any round but will not be able to earn championship points.

This Championship is open to ALL machines types that satisfy our technical requirements under scrutiny.

If you are interested in this new series and would like to discuss any issue including getting involved in competing, promotion and sponsorship please call:

+44 7788 598461        

The remaining dates and venues for the 2015 Summer Championship are:

 Saturday 18th July – Aghadowey 

Sat 22nd August – Mondello (IGP)  

 Sun 20th Sept – Tynagh (only 40 mins from Athlone) 

Sunday 4th October – Nutts Corner 

Saturday 24th October - Aghadowey

(The Prize giving will be held in The Brown Trout after the last round) 

The best seven rounds will count towards Summer Championship honours 

The next NI Winter Series will start in November 2015.


Specific Event Information events at Nutts Corner

The gates to the circuit will be open from 7.30am and it is advisable to arrive at the track by latest 8.30am to organize service parking and parking for your trailer which will be in a remote area separate from the main service area due to space limitations. If unexpected delays with your arrival occur please do not worry but it is advisable to phone our event number 07788 598461 so we can organize exceptional paddock access and delayed sign on and scrutiny. 

Scrutineering including noise testing (see detail below) will commence at 8.00am in the main paddock area in front of the circuit shop and the drivers briefing is scheduled for 9.50am with the observation lap to commence immediately after. Signing on will take place in the Circuit Clubhouse from 8.00am and number plates will be provided. It is advisable to bring adhesive (duct tape) to attach the plates to your car. All competitors will be required to complete an entry form at signing on (excluding those entries completed and paid on line)

The event will be held over seven or eight timed runs through the day with competitors best five or six counting towards their score. A trophy presentation for First, Second and Third place in the eight classes will take place in the Clubhouse  shortly after the last stage has been completed and the fastest overall driver from all classes (except class 7& 9) will receive The Overall Winners Award.    

The latest edition of the on line entry list will be available during the week before the event and for additional information phone 07788 598461.

Additional information for Nutts Corner Events

Please be aware that all competition cars must pass a mandatory noise test at scrutineering and may be subject to random testing throughout the event with on track meters. Any car which is found to be over the permitted noise limit of 105dba at 3500 - 4000 rpm (5000 - 5500 rpm for race buggys) WILL be disqualified from the session and not allowed to compete until satisfactory repairs have been completed. Particular attention will be given to turbocharged and motorcycle engined cars and anti lag systems are strictly forbidden at this venue. Please be advised that entry fee refunds or 'carry-overs' will not be issued to competitors where their car has failed a noise test during this event. Iphone users can download an appropriate app to measure noise with phones so testing and modifications should be carried out before presentation of cars at scrutiny to avoid any disappointment.   

Signing On and Scrutineering will be available from 8.00am in the morning and the drivers briefing will take place at 10.00am. Late arrivals will be accommodated but may be penalised with reduced stage runs. 


Special Information for Nova/Corsa Challenge Cars - Class 1 & 2

Class 1 and Class 2 competitors are advised that we will be conducting detailed random scrutiny at every event from now on to enforce compliance of the class regulations as of October 2012, details of which are available by selecting the appropriate button on the left side of the homepage.

Several championships have now passed since the regulations were updated as a result of competitor requests and we will enforce these regulations in full. We expect serious competitors to comply with these regulations and be advised that we will not permit any non compliant car to compete in either class 1 or 2 until we are satisfied that it concurs to the class regulations.

It is in competitors interest to ensure that cars conform to the RSA regulations and the appropriate bolts are drilled ready for mandatory sealing. Any car found to be unsuitable or unprepared for sealing to comply for the regulations for class 1 or 2 will not be permitted to run in the challenge classes but will be allowed to compete in class 3. 


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