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About Us

Protosport based in Portadown, Northern Ireland was created in 1996 by Alan Hyde a former karting champion and the original promoter in the 1980௦ ATC and Quad racing in Northern Ireland. The original business idea was to produce a range of leisure and race ATV௲ buggies, called Alltrak XR/font> At that time the market for commercial corporate and casual entertainment was also developing and concurrent with this growing opportunity the original Protosport business plan altered course and Alan created the Alltrak Rallykart Centre  on a 21 acre site on the outskirts of Portadown just 30 minutes from the capital city of Belfast. This proved to be an inspired decision which began with purely commercial rallykarting in 1997 with 390cc Alltrak machines.

Background Information

Speedcar UK and Ireland, based in County Armagh are once again, at the fore front of clubman motorsport development. We now provide a range of vehicles and accessories which have a performance similar to a World Rally Car at a fraction of the cost. 
In 2000 car rallying as a commercial entertainment competition was created and proved to be an instant hit with its affordable format. In 2003 a super rallycar driving experience was added with the acquisition of two 260 bhp Subaru Imprezas together with a fleet of quad bikes. The unique activity of Quad Bike Autotesting was then offered and a range of packages were then created to suit different tastes and budgets. As a result the business enjoyed significant growth and success during the pre ⥤it crunch튉boom years.

In 1998 the first seeds of another Protosport venture were sewn namely The Rallysport Association (RSA) which is an independent promoter of owner driven rallycars using the tracks and lanes created at the Alltrak Centre. This again was another instant success and included for the first time in Ireland or the UK a class for children 12 years upwards as well as a selection of classes for front and rear wheel as well as 4 wheel drive and turbo cars. In the following years The RSA took their competitors to other venues which included race circuits, airfields and country estates and in the November of 2010 the first ever independently promoted rallysprint was held by The RSA at Irelands premier motorsport venue at Mondello Park near Dublin






















competitors over two days of motorsport. Many of the current crop of leading Irish Rally drivers 崠their teethﮠRSA events in 1200cc Novas and Corsaspan>

In October 2012 an attractive opportunity arose to concentrate solely on the continuing development of The RSA which now promotes up to 18 rallysprint events annually at eight different venues suitably located throughout Ireland.

In 2011 a racing buggy competed in a rallysprint event with the RSA and was included in the class for rallycross and race specials. From this beginning the RSA has been seriously supportive of this new competition formula and has been a fundamental factor to its phenomenal success in Ireland. Alan Hyde and two of his boys are current successful motorsport competitors in both rallying and karting and are passionate about the future of crosskart motorsport in the UK, Ireland and markets further afield.


which was attended by 330






Our Vision


To ensure the UK and Irish competitors are up to date with the rest of Europe and have access to the latest race machines, parts, accessories and technology the multi championship winning range of Speedcar products is now imported by Protosport into the UK and Ireland from the beginning of 2016. This will give the many existing and future Speedcar competitorࡣcess to all the latest factory products and services that will ensure they will stay in front of the competition as this exciting new discipline of motorsport continues to develop.

 Additionally, all Speedcar customers will enjoy the benefits from the close relationship as a result of direct manufacturer support and we will also be working very closely with the competition promoters in other countries to ensure we remain compatible for events with them and that we are able to compete with our European friends in international events such as 襠Nations Cup鮠our Speedcars.






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